plsdnteatme2-deactivated2013040: I just recently got into this fandom and I need hope that there is still a chance to bring it back, are there any open petitions?

Currently I don’t think there are any efforts to save the show anymore. Unfortunately the writers, producers and actors have all moved on to different things and have said their goodbyes to the Circle. 
We do have our Season 2, written by fans, still in progress and plans for season 3 if you are interested in reading it.

If any petitions or news does come up about us saving the Circle then the information will be posted on here and our Facebook page.  

Anonymous: Hi , hope season 2 based on the episodes scripted here are not enacted by the secret circle team ?? Season 1 was very nice which created interest and curiosity for me to await for season 2 .. But if its gonna be like the one mentioned here , it would be quite boring ... Here the importance is given only to adam and faye who seem to be an oddest couple among the lot ... N there is no importance to rest in here specially cassie ... Adam being good lover boy in season 1 was really admirable ..

(answered in next post)

Anonymous: To continue with my previous query .. Let adam turn into a wizard having dark magic and potray bad boys role , would be interesting .. But let he be continuing the role of a good lover boy having hidden feelings for cassie still n revealing it at later episodes.. Let he not play a playboy role moving around in the circle just. Like cassies father .. Specially his chemistry with faye is unimaginable n pathetic. So does jakes n cassies . Only adam n cassie have the real and best onscreen chemistry

As it says at the top of each episode, we do not own The Secret Circle and it is a fan based project. 

I am not sure if you are up to date with episode but currently Adam is a bad boy, he is not the Adam from Season 1 and I believe that he will never go back to that. 

Cassie is of relevance, she is trying to get over the reveal of Diana’s secret and get used to not having Dark magic again. 

We are trying to give all characters a good and interesting storyline and not base it around one character. 

I don’t believe Adam is being a playboy, each of his relationships with each girl has been relevant to the story and the future storylines that we have created. As well as Jake and Cassie, there is relevance to it. 

We hope that you continue to read the story and enjoy what we have planned next.

Hi all

Hi guys, just thought I would let you know that I will be updating the page soon and we have not abandoned the project. 

A lot of people were worried over the christmas break that we had given up but I assure you we haven’t. You have to remember we all have family and education commitments and christmas is a crazy time for everyone. 

The new episode (20) is on but I am currently having computer issues which I should resolve sometime this week so i can post the episode on here for all our fans to read. 

Also guys feel free to send comment and questions to this page and our facebook page whenever you feel like it, as we always love to hear what you all think. 

Episode Nineteen posted!

Hey all, sorry for the lack of updates. 

But as you will probably see all the new chapters have been added including the latest which is episode 19. 

All episodes can be found under season 2 of our page. You can also find the links on our Facebook page and

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Fanfiction Episode 19

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Tumblr Episode 19

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Anonymous: First I just want to say how I love how you created the secret circle project. I love how you put Jake and Cassie together I think they should stay that way! My question is do you think this will actually get the secret circle back? Will you tell us if it does come back? Lastly will Cassie ever choose the Balcoin circle over her circle for even just one day? Thanks for considering and answering my questions!

Thank you so much, we are so grateful for all the support we have been getting from fellow fans of the show. 

Unfortunately at the moment we aren’t very hopeful that we will get the series back. Most of the cast and crew have gone on to other projects and believe that the series will never come back which is very sad for all of us. 

Of course we would let you all know if it came back. We would be just as excited as everyone else if we ever got the news of it’s return. Though we would carry on with the project to show our continued support and hope that all our readers would stick with us. 

There are a lot of twists and turns in the last few episodes of this series. Everything will be coming to a head and preparing for our season three that is already planned. 

Again thank you for the support and feel free to send anymore questions :)

Anonymous: Omg I think you should keep Cassie and Jake together they are so cute! Also is the dad going to come back and help fight Balcoin or something because I can't wait to find out what happens to them?

We are glad that you are enjoying the coupling that we have in the series so far. 

I can’t tell you much at this point, but I can say that in these last few episodes there will be a lot of shocks and surprises that will hopefully keep everyone interested. 


So who out of our fans saw the lovely Phoebe in Vampire Diaries last night?

Everyone in the project is very happy that Phoebe got such an amazing role soon after The Secret Circle was cancelled. 

Personally I don’t watch vampire diaries but will definitely have to have a look at Phoebe’s scenes!

So any thoughts and opinions on the performance?



SO again I am soooooooo sorry for my lack of updates on here! Things have been crazy with my ooc life but I am sure you don’t want to hear me ramble on about me. 

As well as having updated the page (links to come later on) I just want to let you all know about some new features that I am adding to the page. 

First of all on the season two page there will now be summaries of each episode added, I will also try and post the summary the Sunday before we update like on our Facebook page. 

I am also adding a From the fans page. This page will have gifts from fans such as videos and pictures that have been made for the project as I believe they deserve there own page where people can easily access them and look at them over and over. 

So to the updated chapters, both Episode 14 and 15 have been added to the page. They can be found on 

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Episode 15 Here

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imgettingtiredofyou: Though I don't doubt you all have plenty of plot ideas, I'm going to be annoying and mention some ideas. Well, really they're just questions that occur to me when reading or watching the show. What if Grant is (or is connected to the) supernatural? What if Francis had a, I don't know, brother or something, and the proper Sunwalker line continued through him? What if Blackwell had a child he didn't know about? Just random wonderings of mine; I figure maybe SOMEONE can make use of them...

It is completely fine we love to hear ideas and theories from other fans of the project. 

Well all I can say is that one of those questions will be answered in some way by the end of this series but I cannot give you any more than that.